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Here’s How Shopify Helps You Sell Your Products On Amazon

July 27, 2021

On Shopify, it is possible for you to use the Amazon sales channel to enable you to sell your products directly on Amazon. In order to sell on Amazon, you are required to go to Amazon Seller Central and create a professional seller account if you do not have one already. The Amazon Seller Central allows you to manage the orders on Amazon and create listings of the various products you wish to sell. Amazon sales channel enables you to track the products on Shopify and Amazon.

How To Use Shopify To Sell Directly On Amazon

Check If You Are Eligible

There are certain requirements to be eligible to sell on Amazon. You must have a Shopify account and your Shopify store should be selling in either CAD or USD. You are required to sell products that are supported by Amazon and those that are not shipped using ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’.

Create A Professional Seller Account

You need to enable selling on Amazon.com and then make a Professional Seller account on Seller Central. You need not pay for the Amazon sales channel although you will be required to pay a fee of $39.99 on a monthly basis for your account. In addition, a fee is charged based on the category that your product falls under. You will need to specify the name of your business, the business’ address, contact number, bank account details, and credit card details.

Setting up an Amazon Seller Central account is quick and easy.

Do You Need Approval?

When you want to sell on Amazon, you may need to receive approval from Amazon. This is not required for all products and categories, but there are certain items that need Amazon’s approval before you can start selling. You can check on Amazon to see which products and categories require approval. For example, if you want to sell laser pointers and other products in that category, then you will need Amazon’s approval.

Add Amazon Sales Channel

You can easily add the Amazon Sales Channel in Shopify. There is a ‘+’ sign through which you can add the sales channel. You will see the tab ‘Amazon by Shopify’ and the ‘Learn More’ tab next to it. If you click on that you will see a button that says ‘Add channel’ which will lead to the link ‘Connect to Amazon’. You need to enter a few details here after which you will be sent back to the Shopify website.

Buy UPC For The Products

When you wish to sell on Amazon, you are required to use a product identifier which allows you to create listings on Amazon. UPC is one of the most popular product identifiers used by many sellers on Amazon. You only need to do this when you are not a registered Amazon brand. You may have UPCs from before if you are reselling the products, in which case you can use those.

Claim Existing Listings Or Create New Listings

You can claim the existing listings on Shopify by going to the ‘Amazon Listings’ page where you will be able to link the products. If you did not sell on Amazon, then you can easily use Shopify to create new listings by going to the Amazon sales channel section. There is an option to create a listing which provides instructions based on the product.

Inventory Management Options

You need an Amazon listing in order to sell on Amazon. You have two options to choose from when it comes to inventory management. You can choose to manage the inventory of Amazon manually or you can use Shopify’s inventory settings. The manual inventory management allows you to specify the number of products that will be available for Amazon customers only. The reduction of stock will take place automatically but increasing the stock of products will have to be done manually.

Shopify’s inventory settings provide three options:

  1. Allowing Shopify to track the inventory whereby Amazon and Shopify’s listings are matching.
  2. Shopify doesn’t track whereby customers can shop for the products on Amazon as they will always be shown to be available.
  3. Enable customers to buy the products on Amazon even when they are out of stock(inventory set to 100 on Amazon automatically).

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you can start to sell on Amazon. Automatic syncing of all the orders will take place from Amazon and Shopify that can be seen in the Orders section on Shopify. The customers will receive the notifications from Amazon while you, the seller, will receive it from Shopify and Amazon. In order to update on Shopify, you are required to fulfill the order using Shopify.

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